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Looking for Bubbly Baths in the City, Essex or Kent, well Hot Tub Hire In London Is Here For You…

We provide luxury heated hot tubs to all of London with our professional, friendly service that’s the best in town. Hire a Hot Tub any day of the year and the British weather doesn’t matter anymore. Go on you know you want to, it’s so simple, call us or fill in our lovely form to the right >>

Hire a Hot Tub that has a simple to use adjustable temperature gauge that can be set as high as 40 degrees and have 135 heated air jets which create an amazing bubbly experience with so many bubbles. Every hot tub hire comes with thermal covers to retain the heat when not in use and save your heating bill.

Our professional and friendly engineers will arrive with the hot tub in sections and will put it back together, have it all tested and ready to add water in 20 minutes. So you can get it almost immediately.

There are a couple of things you need to know and keep in mind before excitedly throwing your towel, dipping your toe, and plunging in – figuratively, of course – in your search for a hot tub rental . A quick discussion on bathing and bath tubs should serve like a good shower – it’ll drive away the nervousness and keep you all prepped up for an exciting activity!

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Bathing through the Ages: From Cleansing to Enjoyable

Everyone knows that bathing is an activity for cleanliness and personal hygiene. Every living being has some way of cleansing itself, be it by simply running into natural bodies of water, such as rivers, seas and falls, or by installing mechanisms to facilitate domestic and indoor bathing (such as pools, showers and Jacuzzis).

Some countries and civilisations, however, took it a little more seriously than others. In medieval Japan, for example, primarily because of Buddhism, the monks consider bathing as an important symbolic activity to achieve purity. In many other religions, bathing has been equated with baptism.

Eventually, bathing became an activity for human interaction and socialisation with the establishment of public baths, as those found in ancient Greece and, later on, in most parts of Europe. The concept of public baths has remained popular worldwide since the early times up to the present.

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As time flew by, and with the influx of technology, bathing improved to what it is now: a fun form of recreation and relaxation, but still playing its role on cleanliness.

Fun in dipping

This socialisation aspect of bathing is one of the factors that made the concept of bath tubs popular and successful. This is why many people, particularly the rich, would have private baths in their homes. However, it also facilitated thought processing, in its general sense. There’s something about simply dipping yourself into a pool of warm or cold water, depending on your preference, closing your eyes, and simply letting your mind fly away.

Renting Hot Tubs and Jacuzzi’s

With that done, your primary concern should now be addressed. Why should you rent a hot tub?

There are two primary reasons: (1) because it’s cost-efficient, and (2) it’s fun!

Unfortunately, hot tubs are still a little costly for the ordinary worker. Renting, therefore, becomes a good option to enable you and your family and friends to enjoy the experience but, at the same time, still stick to your budget. Also, some homes are not that big yet to accommodate tubs. This problem gets solved by finding a temporary space for a temporary event, say, a party, and opting to hire a hot tub London.

The fun aspect is definitely self-explanatory. It embraces the simple equation: people plus water is equivalent to endless hours of fun!

When is the Best Time to Rent a Jacuzzi London?

Anytime! Any occasion would make a perfect hot tub or Jacuzzi moment. An individual, by his lonesome can use a warm bath in a tub for a more philosophical and meditative experience. A couple can hire a Jacuzzi London for special private moments, and crowds can use a tub for get-togethers, bonding moments, or a full-blown, raucous party. Definitely, any occasion – even no occasions – will be a hit, be it New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve, proposal day, Stag and Hen Do’s, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

What to Look for in a Hot Tub Rental London?

There are five things, at least, that you have to consider: (1) the size of the bathtub; (2) your budget; (3) delivery; (4) setup and operation; and (5) support services.

The foremost consideration should be the size. The right bathtub or Jacuzzi depends on the number of people joining your event. Its capacity should just be right to make sure everyone has an enjoyable time.

Budget is the next consideration. There are various kinds of tubs that will surely suit your budget. All you have to do is look for the right hot tubs for hire London. Generally, providers will give you affordable options, many of which you can adjust to meet your needs. You have to be mindful of the budget because you do not want to have fun one day, then go broke the day after.

Factors 3 to 5 concern logistics. It is important to determine who delivers the bath tub – it’s not small after all – when it’s delivered, and how it’s done. If bathtubs are rented for specific occasions, say, you’re having a hot tub party London, then the bathtub must arrive early and should definitely not be late. In those instances, time is of the essence, and having advanced information on delivery details will be extremely helpful. Setup and operation, meanwhile, should also be a concern. It is safe to presume that the renters do not know how to set up and operate the bathtub they are renting, so having a knowledgeable support team will be valuable. They can tell you what to keep in mind, what to avoid, and what to do in case there are issues.

These are the most important things to keep in mind before engaging the services of a bathtub rental provider. These are basic concerns that, if properly addressed early on, should wipe away any chances for discomfort, mishap or trouble – and make the bathing activity as fun as it can be.

hot tub hire london telephone number

Fun Facts about Baths and Tubs

1. Of course, you do remember that in the short story “Dog of Pompeii”, Tito and his dog, Bimbo, passed by public baths in Pompeii on their way to the forum. Bathtubs and Jacuzzis, nowadays, are essentially replications of these warm baths, without the danger caused by volcanic activity.

2. Surely, you are familiar with the story of Archimedes and the golden crown (and the concept of density!) He was in his bathtub when he made his Eureka moment. Bathtubs – the water, more specifically – definitely serve as a good place for serious thinking.

3. The earliest water tank in the world is a giant bath, dubbed “the great bath.” It is located in Mohenjo-daro, Pakistan, built over 5,000 years ago. Its dimensions are: Length = 12m, Width = 7m, and Depth = 2.4m max.

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